Russian Airpower Over Ukraine Increasing + More Shortcomings Appear Ahead Ukrainian Offensive

Update on conflict in Ukraine for April 23-24, 2023:

– Most of Bakhmut is now under Russian control;

– Ukraine & Western media report increasing use of precision-guided bombs by Russian military aviation;

– Russian bombing is increasingly effective owed to dwindling Ukrainian air defenses;

– Recent Ukraine Contact Group in Germany admit air defenses in Ukraine are a priority, fail to commit to any possible solution;

– US announces acceleration of its shipments of 31 M1-Abram tanks to Ukraine after a 10 week training course, less than half the training an entry-level US tank crew receives;

– Despite growing doubts of a Ukrainian offensive, it will likely unfold and may even have success in taking territory but will leave Ukraine at a further disadvantage in what is otherwise a war of attrition;

– Ukraine faces critical shortages in arms, ammunition, & trained manpower;

– US claims sanctions against Russia are “working,” yet data to substantiate that claim appears deliberately cherry-picked and taken out of context;

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