Palestine is fighting for survival, Western regimes defend Zionist settlers state

Palestine Is Fighting For Survival

—No Global Leaders Call For Peace

– UK Column News

– The Times of Israel: Gaza terrorists launch surprise attack on Israel with rocket barrages and infiltrations

– The Times of Israel: Energy minister instructs authorities to cut off water to Gaza

– 10 Downing Street (YouTube): Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s update on the deadly attacks by Hamas against Israel 

– 10 Downing Street (on X): The Israeli flag shines on Downing Street tonight in solidarity with the people of Israel. 

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– AP News: The US will send a carrier strike group to the Eastern Mediterranean in support of Israel

– U.S. Department of Defense: Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III’s Call With Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant 

– Benjamin Netanyahu (on X):  “I say to the residents of Gaza: Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere.”

– BBC News: This is our 9/11, says Israel, as fighting continues on own territory

– South China Morning Post: Israel-Hamas war will ‘change the Middle East’, PM Netanyahu declares, calls up 300,000 extra soldiers

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– Vanessa Recommends on X/Twitter: Louis Allday

– Louis Allday (on X): Crucial context to understand the historical significance of fighters from Gaza taking control of settlements surrounding the strip

– Vanessa Beeley (Telegram): Video of dozens of Qassam resistance fighters storming and taking control of the Erez military base and capturing officers and soldiers.

– Robert Peston (on X): “Hamas’s attack on Israel has the potential to be as destabilising to global security as Putin’s attack on Ukraine”

– France 24: Israel army says defeated Hamas fighters in towns near Gaza

– Al Jazeera: Israeli lawmaker blames pogroms against Palestinians for ‘terrible’ attacks

– The Diaspora Journal (Substack): Despite what you think, Palestinians are not celebrating death