War in Europe Will Bring Hunger, Build The River of Life!

By Center for Political Innovation May 06, 2022

A Message From The Center for Political Innovation

A global famine is on the horizon. Our leaders know it. Here in America, the farming states are bracing for a summer of droughts and wildfires. Biden has admitted that food shortages are coming, saying “It’s going to be real.” Ukraine is a major wheat exporter. Its harvest will be 50% less than usual due to war. Russia’s ability to export grain is blocked by US sanctions. Russian fertilizer exports to Africa, South America and India will also be significantly lower.

In major US cities, food banks are already swarmed. The pandemic has left millions of working families struggling. Small businesses have closed down while ultra-monopolies like Amazon and Wal-Mart have enriched themselves. The price of food and gas is rising, while wages remain low. Rural and suburban neighborhoods throughout the heartland already have crumbling roads and fragile power grids, and added food insecurity will only exacerbate the current crisis.

Why don’t our leaders treat this looming famine as an emergency? Why aren’t Joe Biden and Congress laying out a clear plan to bring relief to working people throughout the country? Why is the United Nations not convening emergency sessions to mobilize food relief? Why is Congress instead on the verge of wasting another $33 billion, not to feed the hungry people or stop the war, but to intensify our proxy war with a nuclear-armed superpower? War in Europe only means increased hunger, higher gas prices, greater poverty and needless suffering imposed on the American people.

The truth is that things do not have to be this way. Instead of a government that sits on its hands as working people starve, the United States could have a government of action that fights for working families. Joe Biden, along with most Democrats and Republicans, do not work for the American people but rather for Wall Street bankers, weapons manufacturers, oil monopolists and the Silicon Valley elite.

However, across the planet an alternative economic model is emerging. Vladimir Putin rescued Russia from the neoliberal nightmare of the 1990s in part by reasserting state control over that country’s oil and gas, then using the energy revenue to rebuild the Russian economy. China has raised over 800 million people out of poverty with 5 year economic plans and rational control over its economy, in a model called Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Nicaragua and the Bolivarian countries of Latin America have eradicated illiteracy and provided modern housing in historically impoverished regions. The Islamic Republic of Iran has facilitated a surge of economic development and growth, despite US sanctions and threats.

Breaking out of the global imperialist free trade system and putting popular power in control of the commanding economic heights offer the road to sustainable growth and a better future for all humanity.

Prior to 2011, the Islamic Socialist government of Libya had the highest life expectancy in Africa. The great African leader Moammar Gaddafi built the world’s largest irrigation system, the Great Man Made River, turning dry deserts into farmland.

As climate change intensifies, the heartland of America will need a “great man made river” of its own. To ensure that we grow enough food American families, as well as to deal with the ongoing problem of wildfires, the time has come for an emergency construction project. The Center for Political Innovation calls on Joe Biden to bring the troops home from overseas, to stop spending money on foreign wars, and to instead take swift executive action to construct the River of Life.

The River of Life is our proposal for a massive irrigation system that would bring rejuvenate millions of working people and allow for their communities to flourish. Thousands of construction workers, pipe-fitter, engineers, architects, welders, metal workers, electricians, and others could immediately be hired to build a mechanism for bringing water to farms and communities throughout southwestern region and the farm belt. Experts from China and other countries that have had similar projects in recent years should be brought in as consultants.

Among the sinister forces running our country from Washington DC and corporate board rooms, there is a culture of death. They think there are too many people in the world and they view the population of the country as an annoying herd to be managed. Their vision for the future involves private prisons, charter schools, reducing consumption, social media brainwashing, drug addiction, all leading toward a low wage police state to control us as we “useless eaters” gradually die off.

The alternative to their high tech dark ages is a government of action that would view each American as an asset, full of potential to help construct a better life for all people. Such a government would prioritize education, scientific breakthroughs, securing longterm sustainable economic growth, and cultivating a culture of innovators; citizens taking responsibility for the future of their country at the community, state, federal and international level.

The River of Life is just one example of the many great possibilities that could emerge from overturning a system with profits in command and unleashing popular power and 21st Century Socialism in America. The Center for Political Innovation aims to advance policy solutions that awaken the American people and have them demand a government that works for them, not the billionaires. We seek to build an anti-monopoly coalition with the working class at its center by aligning in solidarity with revolutionary forces around the world against the international financial oligarchy.

We call on you to help us raise awareness about the pending global famine and its imperialist causes. We call on you to help us advance real policy solutions that could rebuild this country and defeat the ultra-monopolists.

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