A Dissection of Ukrainian Nationalism: Fascism and Nazism

Behind a thick curtain of hypocrisy and disinformation, the West continues to defend the spread of fascism in Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

By Anton August 26, 2022

From the “Black Book of Communism”

Notably, the pogroms [Russian for “decimations”] were characterized by anti-Communist and anti-Bolshevik views. But they were also characterized by rabid nationalist views, by people who viewed “Ukraine for the Ukrainians” and wanted national & ethnic minorities such as Jews to be removed or killed. Among the prominent Ukrainian nationalists, Symon Petliura led a fight for “Ukrainian independence”, as they call it, during the war. During his rule of the Ukrainian National Republic, his troops and supporters led and conducted hundreds of bloody and violent pogroms against national & ethnic minorities killing dozens of thousands of people. It is argued by some that Petliura opposed the pogroms, citing evidence such as the “Order Issued by the Main Command of the Armies of the Ukrainian National Republic” on August 26th of 1919 where he states that he opposes the pogroms and will expel & punish pogromists, including from his troops. Despite this and whatever else he said, pogroms continued.

Realistically and logically, Petliura was afraid to punish and persecute the pogromists because to do that would’ve been to eradicate his support base. As noted previously, the nationalists who fought against the Bolsheviks and were trying to maintain or expand nationalist control over land were the same ones carrying out such pogroms. According to the Red Cross Commission, tens of thousands of Jewish people were killed during the pogroms carried out by the troops of Petliura in the winter of 1919. Petliura was eventually assassinated in revenge for his role in the pogroms and during the trial, Petliura’s role was heavily discussed. On the side of Petliura, hundreds of documents were presented to show Petliura as innocent: “See, he suppressed anti-semitism, pogromists, etc., in the military and government”. However, as it was noted then it will be noted now, that most of the documents compiled were signed not by Petliura and were signed after he fled Ukraine. One example of the “suppression” by Petliura against the elements within his troops was the execution of Ivan Semesenko. A pogrom was carried out by the Ukrainian nationalist soldiers of Petliura in the town of Proskurov (now called “Khmelnytskyi city”) where hundreds of Jewish people were murdered as well as anybody who tried to stop the pogrom.

The story went that after the pogrom, Petliura ordered an investigation and for the people to be punished accordingly. Semesenko was arrested and jailed briefly for a few months but was shortly released. After release, he organized and began to revolt against Petliura but was eventually caught. At this point, it is highly debated as to what happened, and why it happened. Generally, historians have three views: 1) he was fired and secretly released 2) he was executed, but only for his revolt against Petliura 3) he was executed for his role in the pogroms. In any event, the prosecution was unable to prove a single case to defend Petliura, to prove he ever did anything to stop the pogroms or prosecute the pogromists for the pogroms. It was even noted by Heinrich Sliozberg during the trial that the pogroms happened right in front of Petliura and provided him and his supporters with the ability to provide free food, free clothing, free money, etc., looted from the victims of pogroms. Which undeniably, it did. If you murder thousands of Jewish people in one winter and suddenly you have thousands of people’s worth of clothing, food, etc — and so it was! Suddenly thousands of Ukrainian nationalists had more clothes, more food, and more material goods that were looted. During the entire trial, the prosecution which defended Petliura was unable to provide a single example of him punishing pogromists or acting to stop them. The trial ended with Sholem Schwarzbard, who killed Petliura and whose parents were among the victims of Petliura’s pogroms in Odessa, being acquitted due to the overwhelming evidence.

Symon Petliura and the Petliurites are one manifestation of Ukrainian nationalism. As the years continued, Ukrainian nationalism continued but manifested itself in other organizations and by other leaders.

Another major manifestation of Ukrainian nationalism in the 20th century came by means of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). The OUN, by the accounts of anti-communists, fascists, liberals, etc., are considered heroes who fought for Ukrainian national liberation, much like the Petliurites and others from decades prior. Many people who participated in the pogroms of decades prior and were a part of various nationalist organizations, eventually joined the OUN.

In reality, the OUN and its leaders received funds, training, etc., from the Italian fascist government and the nazi German government. The words of the Ukrainian nationalists match the actions of the nationalists — pogroms, committing atrocities in the holocaust alongside the Germans, etc. The Ukrainian nationalists collaborated with nazi Germans, assisted the Germans in setting up concentration camps, and assisted in the mass extermination of ethnic minorities in Ukraine. The modern Ukrainian government has listed Yaroslav Stetsko, a prominent OUN leader, as a “hero”. To quote Stetsko, in 1941, “I, therefore, support destruction of the Jews and the expedience of bringing German methods of exterminating Jewry to Ukraine”. And so they did. Even though Hitler double-crossed Bandera & others, it remains a fact that they collaborated, praised fascism & Naziism, and sought a similar goal. Nobody said it was good for one’s health to collaborate with Hitler!

One of the major figures of the OUN is Stepan Bandera. Although denied by revisionists that he was a fascist, everything is consistent. Stepan Bandera’s brother went to fascist Italy in 1933 paid for by the fascist Italian government. While in Italy, he joined the “gruppi universitari fascisti” and also founded “Zavarro”, a student group for Ukrainians to become more familiar with fascism.

Translation: OUN nazis, ancestors of today’s Fascist groups, undressing little girls before their murder at Babi Yar, 1943.

In this thread, I dissected the anti-Roma Pogrom by Ukrainian nationalists in Loshchynivka in 2016. In summary, an innocent Roma man was falsely accused of a murder he did not commit. Evidence, witnesses, etc are all in his favor yet the government actively continues to persecute him despite it being well-known and evident that he is innocent. Police allowed the pogrom to be conducted, the local government & others like Mikheil Saakashvili defended the pogromists and said that the Roma people should be evicted while calling them drug dealers and such, then the courts & prosecutors defended the pogromists and refused to prosecute them for the violence while instead prosecuting the innocent Roma man. In fact, in December of 2021, Judge Maria Arakelian from the Odessa District Administrative Court dismissed a lawsuit by victims of the pogrom saying that they were victims of injustice; the Judge held the position that the pogrom was an act of “direct democracy” of which the Ukrainian nationalists were entitled to. The victims of the pogroms have not received justice, Chebotar (the man falsely accused) is still being prosecuted, and those who committed the pogrom are defended & protected by the police and the state. This is simply one example of many in which contemporary Ukrainian nationalists have committed violent acts against national minorities (like Jews, Russians, Romas, etc) with the victims being prosecuted and the offenders being defended by the state.

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