US-funded Fronts Hijacking Upcoming Thai Elections

Republished from Brian Berletic’s Youtube channel:

Thai elections will be an exercise in foreign-interference, not self-determination…

– Thailand’s general elections are slated for May 2023. However, rather than an exercise in self-determination, the elections are once again going to be an exercise in foreign interference;

– The US has invested heavily in not only opposition parties but also a massive network composed of legal, media, and political organizations funded by the US government through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED);

– US government-funded iLaw has been openly involved in supporting US-backed opposition groups and is now playing a growing role in the elections themselves;

– The goal is to not only install a client regime into power to reverse close and growing Thai-Chinese relations, but also to overwrite Thailand’s sovereign institutions with US-government funded proxies;


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