The 2014 Odessa Trade Union Massacre (8 Years Before Excerpt)

🔥🏢 The Odessa Trade Union Massacre 🙇‍♂️💥

May 2nd marks the 9th anniversary of the tragic Odessa Trade Union Massacre. In 2014, around 40 anti-West protesters were killed at the hands of Ukrainian neo-Fascists, primarily from Right Sector, and agitated football hooligans amid the events of the country’s western-backed Euromaidan coup d’etat. Many of the deceased passed as a result of smoke inhalation inside the Odessa Trade Union Building, where they sought refuge from the hostile crowds, while others died jumping out of windows in an attempt to leave the blockaded building.

You can learn more about this horrific event and its historical context in our documentary film about Donbass, “8 Years Before” –    • “8 Years Before” …  

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